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The Simple Cinephile

"While overrated films that deal with this topic, such as Nick Cassavetes’ The Notebook go for grandiose gestures and reactions, Moran’s take gives a quiet slice of everyday life; John’s sickness creeps up on the audience just as it can in reality."

Beth Moran on BBC Breakfast News - 04/12/19
'Missing a Note' Director Beth Moran on London Live TV
Steve Wright talks to Beth Moran on BBC Radio 2 - Nov 2019
'Missing a Note' Short Film - BBC Breakfast News

Missing a Note - Reviews

The Simple Cinephile

If Memory (Doesn't) Serve(s) us Well

Arts Muse Magazine

Missing a Note: Deeply Moving and Beautiful

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Critically Acclaimed British Short Film Directed by Beth Moran Heads to Los Angeles

California Times

British film “Missing a Note” to be submitted for the 2020 Academy Awards

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Could a Female Director Win an Academy Award in 2020?

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Fact Not Fiction Films' Missing a Note Set for US Theatrical Release

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Short Film Spotlight – Missing a Note

Film & TV Now

Interview Special: Beth Moran: ‘Missing A Note’

Film & TV Business

Missing a Note: A Touching and Heartfelt Film

Film Industry Network

Short Film ‘Missing a Note’ To Screen at The London Transport Museum's Cubic Theatre

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“Missing a Note” cast performances praised as the film starts a debate on Alzheimer’s

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Is this young actress the next big Hollywood star?

The American Reporter

Short Film “Missing a Note” gets Theatrical Distribution in the US, UK

Unseen Films

Review: Missing a Note (2019)

US Updates

Actress Darcy Jacobs receives praise for her performance in Short film “Missing a Note”

Verna Magazine

Short film to screen alongside Downton Abbey at selected UK cinemas

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